About Us

Hi! Thank you so much for checking out our things. My name is Elizabeth and I'm the mama and maker behind this little shop of ours here in TX. I have three sweet babes who inspire me everyday and a wonderful husband who I'm lucky to call my best friend. 

After having our little girl and seeing the sweetest handmade clothing and accessories I had the urge to make her some unique pieces of my own. I am a Business Development Manager full time so with the encouragement of my amazing family and friends I decided to open up this shop in the spring of 2016 and we were greeted with open arms. Along the way I have met some of the most kind, caring and inspiring people. 

The handmade community is truly incredible - seeing all the makers, mom's and dad's who are so driven to fill their passion on top of raising a family and just living life. Thank you so much for allowing me to continue on this journey. Seeing all of your babes in our clothing means so so much.